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I am Shirley VanDermyden, a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Montana (license #LMT-LMT-LIC-260).  I became certified in Swedish Massage in 2005, in Acupressure in 2006, and am currently learning the techniques of CranioSacral Therapy (CST).  I hold certificates for a smattering of other modalities as well -- all of which come in handy from time to time -- but at least 80% of my work is using Acupressure and CranioSacral Therapy.

Massage in general has been proven to be very beneficial, but I have chosen Acupressure and CST specifically because they are gentler ways of working with the body. Personally, I don't enjoy having someone's elbow bull-dozing its way through my already-tender muscles.  It makes them tense up and guard against the intrusion, leaving me feeling bruised and sore for days afterward -- often with the initial problem unresolved.

Acupressure and CST allow me to work deeply into the muscles but without the pain often associated with "deep tissue massage."  Sore points are gently held until they release, and restrictions in the fasciae are removed, allowing circulation to flow through the muscle fibers again, restoring movement and flexibility.  It may take a few seconds longer, but because the body isn't being forced, the effects are longer lasting.  Think about it -- you don't like to be forced to do things; are your muscles any different?

Another benefit of my work is that I work with the body as a whole -- not just a few problem spots.  This not only gives longer lasting results, but it benefits you in ways and in areas you didn't realize you needed.

Most forms of medicine treat the body as if it were a machine that can be "fixed" with the right drug, exercise or stretch.  I am not a mechanic; I do not fix bodies.  Rather, I help your body to heal itself. 

A much better way, don't you think?


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